D -G: Dengue, Doctors, Ear Plugs, Electricity (Power), Fan, Fish, Food Poisoning, Gua Gua

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Dengue - is a tropical disease, transmitted by mosquitos and its caused by - dengue virus. There are 4 types of dengue: 2 "light" ones and 2 "hard" ones. I had [...read more...]

Any type of dengue virus leads to dramatic decrease of level of trombocytes in blood - that's why you have to take care of yourself while recovering. And by that I mean - [...read more...]

The 2 worst types of dengue usually require hospitalization - and they are called hemorraghic fever. So if you have high fever and bleeding from the nose - contact the doctor immediately. Btw. - during my light version of dengue I was so weak that I literally couldnt walk at all - I stayed in bed for almost 2 full days. That's why its always good to have phone to some friend in such emergency situation...

Dengue is permanent disease in Dominican Republic and it appears in [...read more...]

 Doctors,- during my one year stay in Dominican Republic I visited local doctors maybe 5 times. Two times - at the emergency and in public hospital and 3 times in private clinics.

I had not so major health problems , thank god - [...read more...]

 Ear Plugs - you have to have them in Dominican Republic to live a normal life. At least I had to have them. This country is [...read more...]

 Electricity (Power), - there we go. Electricity and power outages are constant problem in Dominican Republic. Every day, in whole country area (maybe except some high priority circuits, like the government's etc.) the power is [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

As we all know - if there is no electricity, there is no power for each and every machine that you may imagine - from the water pump to fridge. Now imagine having a [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

power outages Dominican Republic"High skilled and well trained" staff repairing electric pole somewhere in Barahona province, Dominican Republic

 So if you want to have 24/h electricity you have few ways to obtain it. First is to live in [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Second - you may just live in the place with the typical power outages, but [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

 To resume - the power outages are the thing which separates Dominican Republic from [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

Fan- is your best friend in the hotel room or in your house. It gives you nice refreshing breeze, its cheaper than aircon, healthier and its the enemy of every biting mosquito (they cant stand the wind from the fan). There are 2 types of fans mounted in the rooms in Dominican Republic - mounted on the ceiling or the "mobile" ones, that you put on the floor on their own stand.

Fish,- Dominican Republic has a lot of great fish and seafood. You can buy some fresh fish / seafood in pescaderias, which sometimes - prepare for you also cooked fish/ seafood.

The typical dinner from fish, french fries and salad in cheap pescaderia will cost you [...read more...]

dominican republic, plenty of fishSimply delicious - fish and seafood in Dominican Republic. Pescaderia in Las Terrenas

Food Poisoning - pharao's revenge or traveller's diarrhea. If you travel to some tropical country like DR, from the other, more developed country - you have a high probability that you will catch it. It happened to me [...read more...]

 Gua Gua - is the minibus and the basic way of public transportation in Dominican Republic on short and long distances. Usually without aircon and usually overcrowded - it's not comfortable way of travel.

Riding in gua gua is a good way to [...read more, 85 % of content inside...]

Gua Guas usually have their own [...read more, 85 % of content inside...]

 Like I said - gua guas are good only for short distances and to get to some transport hub (ie: biggest city) to catch a bigger and comfortable bus with aircon. Sometimes you may spot gua gua with aircon and a little larger than typical minibus - while usually though they are just small minibuses, overcrowded and without aircon.With holes in the seats, the engine making noises like it would be dying in that moment, sometimes without windows and so on. Oh, and did I forgot about really crazy drivers, who drive like they would be the only owner and user of the road 😉 ?

gua guas in Las GalerasGua Gua somewhere at the end of the world - gua guas station in Las Galeras. "Just come inside, we guarantee you trip that you will never forget. IF we will survive this ride, because driver actually has big hangover after drinking and smoking weed in last 4 days"

 Gua Guas have the steady routes (for example: from city A to city B, by the same route), but what they dont have are [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

I would advise against travelling by gua gua after [...read more, 80 % of content inside...]

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