Barahona area – once again

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Once again I'm in Barahona. This time for one week. I came here directly from the Polo. But not the Polo Magnetico - but just Polo, dominican town located in the mountains, just 20 kms after Polo Magnetico. And just like Polo Magnetico - Polo Town wasnt in my taste either. It is in totally remote location and it seems like dominican town that doesnt have that much to offer. Or maybe I just couldnt find it during my few hours stay in there....

What I found interesting though in it were the benches that they installed in the town. They made it look like it would be some european town. Charming and totally surprising here. Nice ! Benches, nice walking alley with lanterns...Like in Europe. Too bad that is just one alley like that here - and the rest is like in typical dominican town - which means noisy and a little dirty 😉
Polo is located high in the mountains, that's why during the really hot days its nice to drive up here from Cabral. There is maybe difference of 6-8 Celsius Degrees between these two dominican towns - while in Cabral there is unbearable heat - here it is just nice.
In the said Cabral I see some dominican rituals "live" - some kind of masquerade, with kids running around and guys wearing various masks. Fun.

fiesta in Cabral, Dominican RepublicFiesta in Cabral

Next day

Today I am visiting nearest beaches to the Barahona city - El Arroyo and San Rafael. They are both with really dangerous sea, with high waves and crazy tide..So I started to swim a little in San Rafael beach - like maybe for 30 minutes. The waves were so big that it totally exhausted me and I almost havent drowned...Be careful while swimming there.

In Barahona I meet some dominican tourist guide. Nice guy. He tells me how he lived in Germany with some German lady.... We spend some time together. Drinks are on me. And that's OK.
In two days I leave for Enriquillo - once again. I will be there for some time. Love this place....

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