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General atmosphere / feeling of the place

Cabarete is a town/ city located on the northern coast of Dominican Republic, just 15 km from other famous destination for the tourists on the northern coast - Sosua.
Cabarete is also well known as "capital of windsurfing" in Dominican Republic - they say that it has the best combination of wind, ocean waves and ocean driffs. And that makes Cabarete the mekka of the surfers in DR.

So you may find a lot of [ more, 60 % of content inside...]

So I was in Cabarete few times already - last time when I was there, I just wanted to leave it as soon as possible. Too [ more...]

cabarate beach dominican republic

Cabarete beach. You may spot on the second plan lady selling fruits - there are dozens vendors like her on Cabarete Beach.

CHEAP hotels in Cabarete / where to sleep

Well, I always visited Cabarete just for few hours, that's why I didnt look for any place to sleep there. What I saw however reminded me quickly that Cabarete is a typical "tourist ghetto" , like Sosua or Las Terrenas. Which means - [ more, 60 % of content inside...]

Things worth to see/ do in Cabarete/ Best of cabarete

Windsurfers and other "watersport" lovers will find Cabarete amazing. Ideal conditions for such activities. There are also some young people from all over the world in here - so it may be a good place to meet new friends etc.
When it comes however to Cabarete beach, for me it was [ more...]
In Cabarete there is also good bakery (finally, at last...something better that dominican - so called - bread.), and [ more...]

Getting into Cabarete/ Roads Info

Cabarete is a small coastal town, located on the - always busy - road no 5. So imagine [ more...]
Anyway - that makes also Cabarete very well communicated with the rest of DR and the other cities from northern coast of Dominican Republic. So if you dont have your own transport - you will always find gua gua, bus, taxi or motorcycle taxi that will take you to the place that you want.
Oh...and...Road no 5. is in decent condition.

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