Lake Jiguey “near” San Jose de Ocoa…

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Today I have plan to visit Lake Jiguey. Map shows really short distance. The problem is though - that's only on the map. I forget about one, really important factor - that I am in mountains...And what map shows, not exactly has to be true. So after few kms from that "15 km" from the map, the road changes into unpaved and with potholes. Driveable, but with average speed 10-15 km/h. So it takes me almost one hour drive those "only 15 km" from the map...

some bad road near san jose de ocoaI drove so many roads to write this amazing guide 😉 The road to Lake Jiguey

And how is the lake ? Not that bad. Mountains around it, with tropical bush/ forest. Total wilderness, almost nobody around. Almost -as there are some people who live near the lake. Some houses every now and then. People sit in front of their homes on the white plastic chairs, watch the road, and talk. Yes, this is the typical view for the Dominican Republic ;-))) Some horses (ideal for transport here, believe it or not...) and cows here and there and some chickens.

I see some people while driving back to San Jose de Ocoa. Some of them with machetes, the others picking up something from the trees, the others riding horses..."They kill me here, and nobody will ever know" - I think to myself. Fortunately - it's all good and nobody tries to kill me ;-))

Lake Jiguey, Dominican RepublicLake Jiguey. Somewhere high in the mountains near San Jose de Ocoa

So San Jose de Ocoa area is a nice region, with scenic views. The problem lays though in the quality of the roads - to fully enjoy it, you would have to have to some ATV or good crossbike here. My 110 cc, which was made for "normal" roads in the cities seems to beg me for mercy. I wanted to go directly from San Jose de Ocoa to Constanza....But I skip this plan. Even the local people says to not go there - and if usually crazy & brave Dominicans say so - that means a lot.

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