From Enriquillo to Azua. And in Azua :-)

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So I left Enriquillo today. With sadness.Anyway - I lived there for 2 months, so I have reasons now to be sad. Picturesque area. Quiet, calm. I regret that I leave..But what can I do...The road is calling. Once again.
So during my 2 months of living here not that much was happening. But each day was worth it - sun, beach, beautiful view from my hotel roof ("terrace"). Calm, lazy life in nice area.Mountains and the Carribean sea together. Cheap imported chilean wine (bought in Barahona). Some weed. Friendly people. Beautiful road to Paraiso. And the Paraiso itself - also beautiful , like real Paradise should be 😉 Restaurants, where I was eating.... Italian guy and his pizza. Swimming and sunbathing. Daily power outages....;-)

Beautiful and picturesque landscape - Paraiso, Dominican republic
Barahona province - I will miss you !

So it's time to leave Enriquillo. And soon I will be leaving Dominican Republic too. Not sure exactly when - but soon. In the next months, but not weeks - thats for sure.
So I want to go back once again to the places which I liked most here - Maimon, mountains in Constanza and Jarabacoa region, Nagua and Samana...Maybe Monte Cristi once again ? And actually I would like to see for the first time - never been there yet - mountains of the San Jose de Ocoa and San Juan de La Maguana region. So maybe actually I will stay in DR for little longer 😉 hehehh.......

So I left Enriquillo today and managed to get to Azua. "Managed", as my 110 cc bike is getting slowly tired of all these long trips and sometimes it seems to say: "stop man, I dont have power anymore to do that". But I ride.And I ride....
The road from Barahona to Azua is beautiful. I even almost didnt run over iguana on this road. It was just walking, such big reptile....Anyway - the problem with this road is that it's empty. So be careful while driving there, as there is no gas station and no houses for many tens of kilometres. So if something will happen with your vehicle, you will have a problem.

 few kms before Azua, DR
Local version of global corporation - Shell station in Dominican Republic

But thank god that nothing wrong happened to my bike. And I'm in Azua now. Once again. I check in the hotel today. My favorite one - unfortunately is busy today. So I have this room - walls painted with blue color, fan , bed and some wardrobe. Do I need something more ? Well, they could paint he walls with other color. 😉 But all the rest is OK...
I buy big "botellon" - big bottle with agua for 40 pesos. 5 gallons of it, 17 litres. Returnable bottle, each filling with water is worth 40 pesos. Good deal; economical and ecological.

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