Lazy days in Monte Cristi

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Monte Cristi is a charming, small dominican town. For various reasons. Not only because I enjoy here recently found cheap imported spanish wine, that sometimes I share with the hotel staff...And not only because you can actually eat fresh & cooked fish for 5 bucks - with french friens and salad...
You can live cheaply here - I pay for my hotel 250 pesos here, which is almost 6 usd....Add to that beautiful views - 3 km from the "city's" center starts National Park and the road leading from Monte Cristi actually ends in the ocean..Charming shithole...haha

beach in Monte Cristi
Beach in Monte Cristi

Long Malecon, that actually reminds more of some "countryside's beaches" than typical dominican Malecon in the city...The beach el Morro with the cliff rocks...
So Monte Cristi reminds me a city like Prachuap Khiri Khan in Thailand - charming, quiet, calm, and totally chilled out.

Lazy Sunday. At 2 am in the morning I got woken up by some idiot riding on his motorbike with noisy muffler. He was just driving around, in circle, over and over again. Later in the same morning I ask the manager guy from the hotel if he hear the same noise as me..."I heard it" - he said. "And he will spend some time in prison as I called for the cops". So even in the Dominican Republic, in this noisy country you can actually do something about noise pollution....

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