Terms Of Service

Dominicanfun.net Terms of Service

1. General provisions

DominicanFun.net is a website - guide to Dominican Republic. It has two parts: free, available to everyone and paid one, available only to those who bought their subscription. Free part of the website is just a preview of the full, paid version and it contains around 25 % of content that full version has. You may find full description of the site content here.

2. Payment and access to the Site

Access to the full version of the site is paid. There are no refunds, as I think that after viewing preview content potential buyer knows exactly what to expect. And I provide good quality service.

If you don't receive your login credentials after paying - please contact me. I will manually set you up (which usually takes no longer than 6-12 hours). Before contacting me however with this issue, please check your email's spam folder as emails very often land there.

3. Obligations and rights of the user and site administrator

The user, after paying his subscription fee, automatically receives his login credentials via email.

In the case of not receiving email (due to problems with servers, wrong email address etc.) please contact me and I will send you password ASAP.

It is forbidden to share your access password on the forums, webchats and social media or by any other means with other people; one paid access is good only for one person/couple, not for 100's of users.

As a administrator of this website I will do my utmost to make this site/ service running without any problems and issues, providing service to its users. I am not responsible for any issues for reasons beyond my control.

As a Administrator of this website I reserve myself the right to modify or stop this service. Eventual (and very unprobable) cessation of this service is possible only after 30 days of the last paid subscription/ user signup - to protect the people who paid for the content and want to read it.

4. Copyright

It's forbidden to use any material from this site for commercial and other purposes without written consent of the author. By "material" I mean - all pictures and writing that is located on dominicanfun.net. Such unlawful copying will be prosecuted fully by local and international law. I establish a fee of 5 $ per any photo illegally republished for comercial purposes and 3 $ for any illegally republished phrase for commercial purposes.

© 2013-2016 dominicanfun.net

note: this is for "bad" guys only, that would like to copy my website and use it for commercial purposes. If you are "normal" user and repost **some** photo here and there or some words - generally speaking you have nothing to fear (until it's all fair use and reasonable)

5. Contact with me

You may always contact me through this form