Guide to Real Dominican Republic - How It Works ?

Access to the full version of the site is paid. It costs 26.45 usd for LIFETIME membership.

paypalI accept payments through PayPal, so its safe and easy.

After payment, the user (you) receives automatically and instantly his password and username (please check your email's "spam" folder, sometimes emails land there) that allows him to access full version of the site. You may login after that and enjoy the site.

And What's Inside ?

  • descriptions of most interesting and best places in Dominican Republic
  • over 50 towns, villages and cities with CHEAP (~10 usd) hotels and their descriptions
  • descriptions and pics of BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL places in DR - beaches, mountains, lake etc.
  • Real Dominican Republic - experienced and described by me, after over one year in this country
  • backpacking in Dominican Republic
  • tips on living and travelling in Dominican Republic for 1,000 usd monthly and less
  • tips on daily life, budget, prices, how to deal with dominican reality
  • dominican reality - culture, mentality of the people, daily life, people, roads, most interesting places, things to do and things to avoid
  • lots of content - over 100 A4 pages of my writing transferred to this blog
  • one hundred thousands WORDS about Dominican Republic


1. I paid for the access, but didnt receive login credentials. Whats up ?

You probably entered wrong email or email message simple didnt arrive. Sometimes it happens. PLEASE ALSO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IN YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT, as emails very often land there. In any case - just contact me here and I'll manually set you up (which usually takes 6-12 hours or less)

2. Can I share my password with everyone ?

I accept fair use, but dont accept abuse. So to put it simple - one access to the blog is good for one traveller/ reader and/or couple/ family. But its NOT OK to share your password on the forums, webchats, facebook etc. Easy, right 😉

3. I have other questions...